Custom Powder Coating

Custom powder coating is a process that is approx 95% different to industrial powder coating.   From the use of certain strippers, meticilous sandblasting, custom primers, custom colours, custom clears and techniques.  It is the whole process from start to finish that has taken Paul 8+ years to get as close to perfection as possible and this high level he has put the end result before the profit.  This has now given him a world renowned reputation.   


The time, effort and passion that goes into custom powder coating is not something that has been seen in Perth before.  At Bling Custom Coatings every piece of metal that Paul touches is treated like an artist making a piece of art.  Not a production line with time deadlines and profits.  This is what causes conflict between the industrial powder coater and the customer

If you want your item  to look and last longer than any other cosmetic coating then bring it into Paul and let him work his magic.

We try and take pictures of the whole process from stripping, sandblasting, primer etc so the customer know what he/she is paying for and not getting ripped off.  We do what we say we are going to do. 


Bling Custom Coatings