Home Decor

At Bling we don't think like most people as we continuously like to keep pushing the bar on what we can custom powder coat.  That is why we have the saying if it is metal we can powder coat it.  


Well after a lot of research and testing we are now very proud to offer a new service to the people of WA.  Have you ever heard the saying everything BUT the kitchen sink?

Well now Bling can do the kitchen sink,as well as the bathroom sink, taps, bench tops, rangehoods, stools.  So if your renovating your kitchen, bathroom etc don't throw away your existing sinks/taps bring them into Bling and have them made better than new.

Please note:  Some industrial coaters (wannabe custom coaters) might say they can do what Bling does but to this day they are still in our shadow.  

We have researched and tested this process for nearly a year now.

That is why we can offer you a 5 year warranty on flaking. 

Bling Custom Coatings