Q:  What is powder coating?

A:    Unlike other types of coating which is usually dissolved or suspended in a liquid medium, such as solvent or water powder coating is dry.  It is applied in a dry granular form.  The structure is sightly finer than ground pepper but coarser than flour.  The homo-geneous mass which is made up of binder, resins, pigments, additives and fillers.  Once the mass is cooled it is broken down into small chips and then ground into a fine powder.   The powder is applied to the metal item via a electrostatic spray process, it is then placed into a oven where it cures, melting the powder into a smooth film on the surface of the metal. 

Q:  Why powder coat your items?

A:    It offers a superior finish while being resistant to corrosion, chemicals, heat, impact,

UV rays, abrasion and weather conditions.  It is exceptionally tough and impact resistant and can easily withstand flexing.  But only when the process if powder coating is done in the correct manner and high quality powders are used. 

Q:  Which powder is best against the weather?

A:   Polyester powders do provide additional advantages in protection against ultraviolet weathering resistance.  But some polyester products are better than others.  That is why Bling only source the best possible powders currently on the market. 

Q:   Powder coating more durable than liquid paint?

A:    Currently the most popular liquid finishes are high solid acrylic urethanes which use solvents and hardeners in the application process.  Acrylic urethanes are not as hard or flexible as powder resins.  As powders are made from resins that need to be heated in order to flow and cross link to a part.  This process is what makes a superior adhesion to the part and therefore makes powder coating 10 times more durabe than the most popular liquid finishes on the market.   As well as powder coating colours staying brighter and more vibrant for longer than liquid finishes.

Q:  How is powder applied to parts?

A:   A charge is a applied to the dry powder particles and spraying them onto a grounded part.  Reason the part is grounded is so the powder will be attracted to it.

Q:  Does powder finishes effect the environment?

A:  With powder being environmentally friendly and virtually pollution free it is one of the best reason to use it over a liquid finish.  There are no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) or solvents to evaporate into the atmosphere.  With the advancement of not only powders but filter systems it is not only safe for the environment but employees as well.

Q:   Is powder coating a new process?

A:    Custom powder coating is a relatively new process, the proces of industrial powder coating has been around for sum years.  It has been the number one coating of choice for alot of manufacturers in a number of fields for many years. In Europe around 60% of all finished applications are powder coated. Powder coated finishes can be found on architectural applications, aviation parts, garden equipment, different types of recreational items, bicycles, boats, recreational vehicles, ATV's, golf equipment etc.  Even artists that work in metal are finding out that high quality clears keep there work in copper, brass etc looking the same as the day the work was created.    With a superior finish combined with durability it greatly reduces the required maintenance and it extends the life of any coated product which clearly makes powder coating the only choice.

Q:   Does powder coating drip, sag or run?


The powder is applied to the part using electrolysis, therefore the powder goes on uniformly.  It is then heated in the oven to let the powder flow and crosslink to a hard and long lasting finish.  But it can end up having drips if applied by a method called hot flock.  Which is mostly done by industrial coaters to save time.  

Q:   Can you powder coat over a existing finish?

A:    NO, because one of the steps of powder coating requires the part to be cleaned usually by media blating which removes all existing finishes.

Q:   I have chrome parts, can I powder coat over them?

A:   Your part that already has chrome on it will need to be media blasted to remove the top layer of chrome off.  This will leave the copper and nickle coatings on the part.  The coatings that are left on the part are fine to powder coat over, but they will need to be pre- baked to make sure the coatings are stable.  If the pre-bake doesn't blister the copper and nickel coatings then it is fine to put powder on.  But a powder coater is only as good as the metal he/she is working on.

Q:  Is there limits to the amount of detail that can be achieved using powder?

A:   The use of liquid does allow more flexibilty when doing multiple overlays with an extreme contrast in colour.  But new techniques are being developed everyday.  So if you find a passionate coater stay with him because he can develop further.

Q:    Why can't I get a quote over the phone, email or internet?


A:     We only give estimates in person once seeing your items as unfortunately there are too many variables in custom powder coating and sometimes we don't know until we are about 2/3 through the work.  Namely current condition of items (painted,powder coated, rusted).  To remove powder coating takes more time than paint therefore it will cost more in sandblasting. Your items  in most cases will need a primer to cover existing damage and adhesion purposes.  You might change your mind on colour once you have seen all the colour choices available. That is why we give you an estimate range of the cost. For e.g we recently gave a customer an estimate for work on parts from a Sandman car of $2,000.  

When he came to collect the actual bill was only $1,492.

At Bling there is only one custom powder coater who does it with all of his heart that is why you come to Bling.  

Please realise there is a big difference between Bling's work and industrial coaters. 


Q:    What happens if my item/s get misplaced or broken while in the hands of Bling?


A:     We take great care with all the item/s, we treat them like they are our own while they are in our possession.  If we misplace or break and item/s we deem ourselves responsible and at the very least we will replace your item/s to where both parties are happy.  

As this is what we would expect if we were the customer.



Q:     How long is the turn around time?


A:     As long as we do not have a run on the colour you have chosen turn around depends on your place in the queue and difficulty of the job at hand.  We have around 95% of the colours we use in stock, being in Australia having such a large library of custom colours is a very big effort because of the postage and the expense of the powders. But if we need to order your colour in we will let you know this when you first bring your items in for a estimate.  As our powders are stored in a climate controlled room all year round because powders can be greatly effected by changes in temperature.  That is how we can keep most colours are in stock.  We believe communication is the key from both sides.

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