Custom v/s Industrial

Since starting Bling 10+ years ago we have found that we have had to try and educate the people of WA of the difference between Bling (Custom Powder Coater) and other coaters in the market namely

Industrial Coaters.

 The processes we use to get a custom finish is completely different to industrial coaters. 

In our opinion it is around 95% different.


Take a look at these photos below which clearly shows you the difference in the powders that industrial coaters use compared to Bling.  

You can't just buy a custom powder and call yourself a custom coater as you will soon hit a brick wall.  How do we know this?   As we have lived it. 

As we treat your items like we are an artist completing a piece of art compared to a production line as per industrial coaters the choice is clear.

Bling Custom Coatings